Accessing I Ready on I Pads


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The first step needed for Kindergarten through 8th Grade students is to log in to iReady for reading and math instruction.

We’ll be sharing more information soon but to help you get started:
1. Open the Safari app
2. Go to:
Be sure to ‘bookmark’ or ‘favorite’ the webpage so you can easily find it
3. Log in to your Google Account
4. Your username is your school email:
(Be sure to use your child’s name as it is shown in PowerSchool.)
5. Your password is:
The initials of your school and your school ID# (lunch number)
Example: GES123456
(If your child does not know his or her lunch number, please log into your PowerSchool account; your child’s lunch number will be next to their name.)
6. Tap on iReady icon & select “Open”
7. Choose Reading or Math
8. Ignore any error messages and continue on!

Other Resources:

More information will be available at:

iReady’s website has a Family Center with helpful information:

Curriculum Associates also has helpful resources: