GES 5th Grade Transition Night


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GES will be hosting a 5th Grade Transition Night with LMS on Wednesday, May 27th at 6pm.
Invitations to this event can be found on:
Google Classroom
GES Facebook Page
Connect Ed Call (Date and Time TBD)
In order to make this meeting run more smoothly and efficiently, we are asking that questions be asked in advance, so LMS can prepare an FAQ document to share with parents.  Should a question arise during the presentation, one can post it in the chat room, but there will not be an opportunity to “open the floor” to parents for questions.
Therefore, parents should email their child’s teacher, or reach out to a GES administrator with their questions.  We can then post them in our Question document that is shared with Lockerman.
Thank you for your help in making this a successful, informative evening.