A Sweet Goodbye to the Old Greensboro Elementary School


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On May 26, former and current staff of Greensboro Elementary came together at what will soon be the old school for ‘A Night of Memories’. The evening began with time for guests to visit with one another and enjoy the many old photos, artifacts, and yearbooks on display.

Teachers Tamra Baurys and Amy Smith co-hosted the program which included recognizing the staff members by the number of years they worked at GES, those that taught in the original GES on School Street in Greensboro, and those who have been at GES for their entire career. Past principals were remembered – Sylvia Givens, Jim Orr, Dave Jones, Larry Anders, Debbie Chance, and Keri Hutchins.

Throughout the program, guests were kept busy with various trivia questions, such as, “Which past principal could be heard coming down the hall because of their swiftly moving feet?” (Correct answer that the audience knew without hesitation: Dr. Orr.)

Dr. Orr was a guest speaker and provided his top 10 personal memories, which included the first year of all-day kindergarten in the early 80’s, and GES’s long-standing tradition of Halloween parades in the community. He said, “My most enduring memory is all of you and the kids we had the privilege to teach during the day. We didn’t just teach them, we loved them until they learned. This is truly a special place because you insisted that it be special like no other.” Former principal Keri Hutchins spoke about coming to GES as a new person who was so warmly welcomed by everyone.

Ms. Baurys shared that current principal Dawn Swann worked as a math specialist at GES for many years before becoming the assistant principal and then principal. She said, “The hive has never been so busy and the queen bee keeps it all under control with her two awesome co-pilots, Mary Jo Kerr and Kaytlin Curren.”

In her remarks, Ms. Swann shared that with each new position, her main goal was always to remain at GES. “I’m very excited to work in the new state of the art school building,” she said, “but a big part of my heart will always remain right here at the old GES.”

All event photos available on the CCPS Flickr page.