PBIS: Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports



Greensboro Elementary School provides every student with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence by fostering a partnership between home, school, and community. We strive to support all students and staff by promoting positive behavior school wide. We use the “Bees” guidelines to help our students “bee prepared” to achieve academic success.

4 Bees of Greensboro Elementary School

Bee Ready

• Listen for directions or instructions

• Arrive ready and prepared to learn

Bee Respectful

• Treat others kindly

• Follow directions at all times

• Use kind words and tones when speaking to others

• Include everyone who wants to participate


Bee Safe

• Walk in all areas of the school

• Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself

• Always ask permission before leaving an area

Bee Responsible

• Do your job correctly

• Return materials after you are finished

4 Bees of the classroom

Bee Ready

• Have all your materials for the day

• Arrive on time

• Turn in your homework

Bee Respectful

• Listen well

• Always do your best

• Raise your hand

Bee Safe

• Sit properly in your chair

• Keep your hands, feet, and belongings to yourself

• Push in your chair

• Use materials properly

Bee Responsible

• Follow directions

• Always do your best

• Work cooperatively

• Follow expectations

4 Bees of the bus

Bee Ready

• Arrive at the bus stop on time

• Wait in a quiet line, ready for dismissal

Bee Respectful

• Follow your bus driver’s directions

• Share your seat fairly

Bee Safe

• Stay in your assigned seat

• Keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself inside of your area

• Remain facing forward with your feet on the floor

Bee Responsible

• Keep your bus seat/area neat

• Talk quietly to your neighbor only