Greensboro Elementary School Newsletter

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Car Rider Drop Off Time is 8:45AM this year.

Students who arrive by car need to be safely dropped off through our car rider line. Please help us to keep everyone safe by forming a single file line of cars and waiting patiently for staff to assist students out of the car. There is no need for parents to exit their vehicle. Please do not pass in the car rider line as students may be exiting from both sides of their car.

Students may not be dropped off before 8:45AM. This is five minutes later than last year as we are going to back to our pre-Covid schedule which allows teachers their contractual 15 minutes of preparation time each morning before students enter the building.

The only exception to this is students who arrive on the Bus 6 first shuttle. Those students will be brought into the building in order for Bus 6 to complete the second bus run and return to school before the start of the student day at 9AM.

If you would like to pick your child up from school everyday, please contact Cindy Patrick in the front office to receive information on adding your child to the PM car rider line.

Breakfast....Free & Reduced Lunch

Breakfast in the classroom for all students will continue this year!

Lunch will not be free for all students this year.

Students who wish to receive free lunch will need to fill out the appropriate free lunch forms. Forms are available on line. Students who qualify for reduced lunch will no longer have to pay .40 and their lunches will now be free.



Translators will be available to assist with reduced lunch forms at our annual Meet the Teacher on Monday, August 29th from 4 - 6PM.

CCPS has not raised the prices of lunch this year.

Elementary lunch price is $2.25